Donkey rides around Antigüedad

Donkey rides around Antigüedad

Donkey rides around Antigüedad

Donkey rides around Antigüedad. Located at just 30 minutes from Palencia, this village of Cerrato Palentino has two unique touristic resources. The Phantom airplane and a small activity company, Los Caños Leisure Center. It organizes rides on donkeys.

Luis Cantero ownes this active tourism company. This farmer has liked these animals for many years. Donkeys were used throughout Cerrato, as a pack animal. They transported food and drinks for field workers in their long journeys.

He was interested in getting a small number of them. 10 years ago, he got in touch with people who took care of this endangered species. We’re talking about the donkey Zamorano Leones.

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Firstly, these donkeys have a great height. Secondly, their hair is longer.

Moreover, their appearance is very robust. In contrast, Castilian donkeys or Andalusian donkeys are slimmer.

Initially, Luis Cantero acquired four females and one male. Therefore, he allowed enough changes of blood in the breeding stock.

Today, he has 22 animals. The last one, born on March 19, 2019, is a craw of barely a month. Its only interest is eating carrots. And approaching people for them to rub its back.

Donkeys were always used for livestock, agricultural and domestic tasks. However, now they are a unique touristic resource in our province. Even in the whole Castile and León, this activity is very scarse.

All the donkeys live on a farm, two kilometers away from Antigüedad. As a result they remain calm. The proximity to other donkeys could generate some inconveniences (constant braying).

On our way there, we saw partridges, rabbits and woodpeckers. However, according to Luis, it is very normal at this time of the year. All Cerrato is now covered with green fields. Consequently, this makes donkeys an excuse to also enjoy the great landscape.

Donkey rides around Antigüedad

Some villages in the area hire the donkeys for their parties and events. In Palenzuela, the donkeys carry onions on side baskets.  In other towns that celebrate wine festivals, they carry grapes. Later, they carry the children around on their back.

Luis Cantero also commented that he once had an amazing specimen. It brayed every half hour. It marked the passing of time with incredible accuracy.

We commented that it could be a coincidence. However, Luis told us that there were many coincidences at that time, exactly one every 30 minutes.  In short, we recommend donkey rides around Antigüedad.

Contact: Luis  +34 680 81 83 23