Palencia for kids

Rutas para niños en Palencia

villafria huts

Palencia for kids is a section of Tourism in Palencia where we want to show you some of the most interesting places where you can take your kids. These are places and activities that will be hard to forget for both the kids and their parents.

Villafría Huts

In Villafría de la Peña you will find one of the places that kids will like the most. The huts are a group of constructions kids can see, but also touch or even get inside them. Two people from the town created these fantastic buildings. They used their knowledge in construction and wood to join their imagination and creat, in an altruistic way, a dream place for free.

European Bison Reserve

San Cebrian de Mudá is a unique place where you can see European bisons in semi-libery. Moreover, it is not a zoo nor a place where animals stay caged. They possess 20 ha to roam freely.

Usually, they are visible form the observatories installed, but we cannot guarantee you 100% that it you we will see them. The visit begins in the recepcion center for visitors.

The bisons are kept in two different places. The first group can be found in the first heartland, two km away from the reception center. We can get there on foot, on bicycle, on a 4×4 or on horse-drawn carriage. You can only reach this place with the help of the reserve’s vehicles, since they don’t allow privat vehicles.

In the second heartland, in Perapertú, apart from a second group of bison calves, we can also see the very few Przewalski horses left. Two specimens ancestors of the current horse and also three horses from Valle de Liébana.
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