Torquemada peppers

Pimiento de Torquemada

Torquemada peppers

Product name: Capsicum annuum (pepper). Torquemada variety

Production time: End of summer-Autumn

Production area: Gardens of the Cerrato Palentino region.

The Torquemada peppers are the most emblematic product of the Palencia garden. It is the product most clearly based on a specific autochthonous reality. It is based on a genuine variety from Palencia. Without a doubt it is of exceptional quality. For its thick and consistent flesh, its smooth texture and its intense and slightly sweet flavor. Its flat shape, with four noses or segments and has a reddish orange color. These characteristics make it unmistakable in front of the Bierzo, Benavente or Fresno peppers. Those of Torquemada are more elongated and narrow and of less thick and consistent meat .

The elaboration process, added to these specific features, is another characteristic distinguishing the Torquemada peppers. They are roasted directly on embers without allowing the skin to burn and then ther are deposited in closed containers to complete their cooking. Finally, once cold, they are hand peeled and made ready to consume, with a sauce of garlic and olive oil or to keep them vacuum packed and  frozen. They are better this way than dull and sterilized in the water bath. Because this causes overcooking, or roasted in the oven, which dehydrates them, losing consistency and juiciness. However, the lack of interest of the young people of the Cerrato for the horticultural jeopardizes their future. It is indispensable to characterize and conserve the variety and to protect its cultivation by means of a Protected Geographical indication that assures its sustenance.